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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 16, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PST

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surprise in elementary in a day that started like any other that started for his kids and turned out to be a really special reunion. >> and the number one fans jumped in their arms as soon as they saw their dad. >> these are my babies, i love and miss them like crazy. >> and it's great to see my dad and i miss him very much. he used to spend a lot of time with us, and he's just the love of my heart. >> the family had lunch together and the school cafeteria and first time they've seen their dad in eight months and it's been five years when the turtle was able to swim again thanks to prosthetic fins made from rubber, and from material from driving wet suits. she lost the fins in a shark attack. and the fins they see, 27 pair and researchers won't give up
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giving. and that's all for me here in washington. america's news headquarters rolls on with kelly wright and molly line. and don't miss tomorrow, chris wallace with rand paul on tea party politics and senator lindsey graham vowed to hold up the hagel nomination and chris will ask him in that in an exclusive interview. check your local listing for time and channel. appreciate you watching. >> a fox news alert. a massive relief effort is underway following that devastating meteor strike in russia crews racing to replace
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thousands of windows and volunteers distributing warm clothes. the shock wave where the high temperature barely reached 10 degrees fahrenheit. more than 1200 people injured and dozens of them still in the hospital right now. listen to one teacher describe how she kept her students safe burg the moment of impact. >> i told the students to move from the windows and not long after that, the meteor exploded they were all fine, however, when they got back to their seats, a piece of glass flew above their head. i was standing next to the chair and then being pushed to the door. i fell down and didn't know what happened. >> a very harrowing experience, and the divers are on the scene of an icy lake where the fragments fell creating a six foot hole he. and local fishermen rushed to the scene. >> i suddenly saw a shining spot like a flare light and i
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thought there were shooting rays nearby, maybe they were shooting, but then, it was too powerful, too bright, and it was growing bigger. in a matter of seconds, just in ten seconds, it grew from a small ten inch ball to a huge ball and then there was an explosion. no sound, just an unbelievably bright flash like magnum. >> kelly: an incredible moment. and the evidence to fix all that imagine is more than 33 million dollars. and we'll bring you more details as we get them. >> first, new concerns as looming budget cuts in washington threaten to pose some unintended consequences for the u.s. army. word now that soldiers in afghanistan could be forced to sever longer tours while 200,000 other soldiers could be cut from active duty service. i'm molly line in for jamie
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co colby. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright. in addition to the 80,000 troops already scheduled to be cut the next years. and the u.s. chief of staff says he's worried that such a huge reduction could send the wrong message to america's adversaries. >> we'll have to make a decision somewhere along the line to extend those already there or send people there that are not ready and i choose not to send people there that will not be ready. >> kelly: national correspondent steve centanni is live with more details about this. steve, a lot of people are quite concerned about this as relates to national security of course. >> absolutely, a dire warning from the army chief of staff about the military readiness. if the huge military budget cuts that take place, now, they're contained in the sequester actually take effect. >> and for example, we'll curtail training for 80% of ground forces. this will impact our units
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basic war fighting skills and introduce shortfalls across critical specialties, including aviation, intelligence, engineering and even our ability to recruit soldiers into our army. >> and what would happen, he says the budget cuts go through and the soldiers deployed to afghanistan next year may see the war tours extended and the budget cuts limit training that are suppose today replace that. and republicans say they can't allow the cuts to take effect and continue blasting the president. >> in his state of the union address, president obama admitted the cuts were a really bad idea. what the president failed to mention is that the sequester was his idea and his administration during the dead limit negotiate. >> and president obama failed to mention the sequester, he made another pitch for the higher minimum wage and
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cutting the budget in general and can't allow huge cuts in social security and medicare. >> and that would force our senior citizens and working families to bear the burden of deficit reduction and others nothing more. >> and even with the looming crisis, congress is taking the next week off. >> kelly: thank you. >> congress can figure out a responsible way to deal with the looming financial crisis. angela mcglowan, and penny lee, joining me for this beautiful afternoon, ladies. >> thank you. >> we're not hearing any talk of compromise for a 11th hour deal being worked out. what are the consequences here and who will face the brunt of this, penny? >> well, unfortunately right now we're at a time in washington they don't face the crisis until it's absolutely the 11th hour. we see this time and time
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again and sequestration has been known. this has been out there the last part. better part of nine months and in part because the super committee failed to come up with an alternative to this plan and unfortunately, the cuts would be delayed and over a decade and we won't feel the immediate cause of it, so, congress is going to probably do what they usually do, which is kick it down the can and unfortunately deal with the next crisis which is potentially shutting down the government the end of march. >> we were just hearing from steve centanni about the cuts possibly to the military and who will face the brunt of these, real people that can face real impacts. >> not only the military, but our national security will suffer and our homeland security will suffer and also, you have people that are going to suffer that need government assistance and you're going to have cuts in education and also people that are getting food stuffs. so the bottom line is this, congress has two weeks on an eight day recess, it's not
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rocket science and i'm hopeful they don't kick it down the road and sequestration was obama's idea, but the poison pill was to actually discipline congressional members to cut the deficit, to cut spending, and now, we're johnnie come lately and i think we're going to have a 11th hour deal. but both the white house and congress, it's dysfunctional and this is the main sign they are, waiting last minute, once again to come to some resolution. >> we've seen so many of these 11th hour deals, almost become the norm in washington new days and these will be phased in across march 1st and takes until the end of the fiscal year, september 30th. so there's work to be done along the way here, no matter what happens down the road. >> and some issues, what you're probably going to be seeing is the sequestration is come to pass march 1st and the headlines come in, four hour wait at the airport.
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food safety concerns, you know, bad food coming in because they don't have the right inspector. you will see those kind of headlines and drive unfortunately the policy to change, so, they do have some opportunity to kind of retroactively deal with it. i do believe that sequestration is going to happen and has to be done on a retroactive basis. >> you want in on this, where do you think those tweets are going to come. >> i think they're going to come, but i have hope. you have 32 freshmen members of congress that want a bipartisan solution, you have a lot of career politicians in washington d.c. that are part of both the liberal establishment and the conservative establishment, that they keep playing the blame game. so i think it's going to take new members of congress maybe to come to some solution, but i think all americans will suffer and feel the pain, but when members of congress see that their self-preservation is not going to happen. they'll do something. >> you know people don't like to suffer certainly so they're going to pressure their members of congress, who do
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you think is going to get the brunt of this pressure, the republicans or democrats? >> the republicans. (laughter) usually i would say the republicans probably will, but i will say it's a little bit of a pox on both houses. right now you have approval rating in congress hovering around 20% at best. and what it's going to be is come down to the individual members and what they can sell back to the constituencies. as angela was saying, this is largely about self-preservation and the next coming election, unfortunately. and so it's when they feel that the burden, when he they feel it hitting them in their own district is when they'll actually change and tunately, r gulf is so big between the democrats and the republicans and people unwilling to make the necessary compromises to get a responsible-- >> and here at the end here before we're out of time. >> the bottom line is this, democrats have the bully's pulpit. and obama is a very good communicator and this is his idea and even during the the
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debates. he said sequestration is not going to happen. well, it's happening, but at the end of the day, the republicans once again, we're the evil party of no. >> angela mcglowan, thank you for joining us and penny lee thank you as well. i appreciate it. two weeks to go and let's face it the discussion will begin. thank you, ladies. >> well, just into the fox news room, a deadly blast in southern pakistan killing 63 people. a bomb ripping through a busy and crowded vegetable market. some 180 people were wounded in the attack and it happened in the mostly shiite muslim neighborhood. police say many of the victims were buried under rubble. the deadliest incident since the series of bombings in the same area last month, killing 86 people. iran's supreme leader, warning the world. no power would stop the country from building an atomic bomb and he also chamsth-
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claim that they're not seeking a nuclear weapon. and the sanks put in place in reaction to the nuclear program. connor powell joins us live from jerusalem with more details. connor? >> kelly, iran's supreme leader khomeini sharply criticized the united states today and appeared to reject talks between united states and iran over the iran nuclear programs and the supreme leader says that insists that iran's nuclear program is only for peaceful civilian purposes, but he did say that if iran does want to a build a nuclear weapon it has the right to do so no matter what the western world says. >> you want to stop there, and you can't. if the iranian nation will do
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what it has a right to do. the supreme leaders comments come today just two weeks before the international community is set to meet with iran to discuss its nuclear program and iran's economy has been severely damaged by international sanctions the past several months, but iran remains defiant and israel and other middle eastern countries continue to push for a military strike on iran's nuclear facilities, but kelly, many western and military analysts say a military strike would probably not be completely effective and cut back iran's nuclear am billingses by a few years, kelly. >> connor powell, by the way, how does the world need to react to iran's mixed messages, the former ambassador to the united nations john bolton joins us to weigh in. >> the family of olympic athlete oscar pistorius is speaking out. he's charged with premeditated murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva
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steenkamp. speaking to reporters today his uncle says that pistorius is numb with shock and grief. >> as you can imagine our entire family is devastated. we are in a state of total shock. reeva, who have got to know well and cared for deeply. after consulting with our legal representatives, we deeply regret the allegations of premeditated. we have no doubt there is no substance for the allegations. >> reporter: pistorius breaking down in court yesterday as he was formally charged and currently held in a local police station. a bail hearing is scheduled for tuesday. meanwhile, a pre-recorded reality show featuring reeva steenkamp will air despite his death. the model was among the celebrity contestants on the
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late latest tropika island. and the bbc set to air today after a special tribute broadcast. >> the crippled carnival cruise ship is now resting in a ship yard. the triumph caught fire yesterday in the gulf of mexico with roughly 3,000 passengers on board and the ship broke down at sea losing power and leaving passengers stranded in horrible conditions with no lights, working toilets and little food for days. the ship was towed to a port in alabama on friday where passengers finally got off and very well released. >> yes indeed. facebook now raising eyebrows after announcing it will receive nearly 429 million dollars in tax refunds despite raking in more than 1 billion dollars in profits, so how fair is that? and what does it say about our current tax system? >> and also a high speed chase ending in tragedy.
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coming up a dramatic video of a run away driver smashing into a police cruiser and what police discovered in the back seat of the car after it was all over. >> jamie: combing through christopher dorner's autopsy results. what the police learned about the fugitive ex-cop only after his death. >> two significant findings were made, one, was we were able to identify through dental examination that the body that we recovered was in fact that of christopher dorner. the second important finding made, something that we have not been talking about yet. oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on facebook. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees?
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>> welcome back. time now for a quick check of the headlines. a spokesman announcing that the conclave to pick a new pope could meet as soon as march 15th. vatican law requires a 15 to 20 day waiting period to give cardinals enough time to travel here. a new plan underway to honor the memories of the victims of the sandy hook school shooting. huge's largest firefighters's union says it will fill playgrounds in connecticut, new jersey and new york, one for each person killed.
10:21 am
and bmw shall the ultimate driving condition recalling nearly 600,000 vehicles in north america, meant to fix a faulty cable connector that can cause engines to stall. if you own a 2007-2012, you're urged to check with your dealer to see if your model is part of the recall. >> and parts of new england cannot seem to get a break from this winter. the city of new haven, connecticut is expecting several inches of snow today. this as they are still digging out from last weekend's massive blizzard that buried that city. elizabeth prann is live in new haven, connecticut, thank you so much for braving the weather for us. it's a dam no effect for the area. >> oh, i know. and as you well know, cities across the northeast and in connecticut were just slammed by this blizzard, some thought that the three feet of snow is a long and steady process,
10:22 am
what are cities doing? it's a perfect example in new haven. officials dump truck loads of smoke. and you can see it's up to 30 feet high and some of the designated areas have already reached capacity. we've watched payloaders loading dump trucks all morning and here in new haven, there was about 860 million pound of snow. now, that's not even including the snow on parts of private property that's already in the roadways and city and state officials are putting in a constant effort to get life relatively back to normal and some were critical of the process, many forced to take time off work and they have would be patient as they clear the roads and main highways before they get to neighborhoods. to give you an example how many boots were on the ground, in the just the state of connecticut about 400 national guardsmen helping out this recovery process and today, this is' still about 40 states guardsmen here and it's very much a long road ahead and
10:23 am
like you said, molly, we're expecting a dusting here. but for folks who give in the area and all of the snow they don't feel like too much of a challenge, a lot of roads are clear and hopefully monday will be normal for a lot of the folks up here. >> elizabeth prann thanks so much. the piles are incredible. thanks for sharing that with us. >> kelly: donny is one of the top gospel recording artists in the world and long career is a fulfillment of an american dream that he could not have imagined due to the obstacles that stood in his way. but donny's life shows us how how we can fall down, but get back up again and stand. ♪ >> he has the kind of voice that can give you chills, move you to tears, or just fill you
10:24 am
with a sense of hope. don donny mcclurkin, he uses his star power to address people's vital needs. helping those struggling with unemployment to find a job. >> we're trying to network with the different corporations and the different, you know, vendors and find out what they have, at least department of social services, even college, someone who needs a good education. >> donny's desire to help people is deeply rooted in his childhood. grew up as one of ten children in amitiville, long island while his father often worked two or three jobs to keep the family barely above poverty and his mother instilled a love for music and documentary from "darkness to light", he shares how music and laughter filled his childhood until the age of eight. then tragedy struck when his
10:25 am
two-year-old brother followed donny into the street. his little brother hit and killed by a car in front of their home. it shattered donny's world. >> for a very long period of time i blamed myself, and then my mother was in manic depressive state, and sometimes when she even accused me of being the reason he died, too. >> kelly: that tragedy, donny recalls, sent his entire family into a spiral of domestic violence, drug abuse and even sexual molestation. donny says it tyook him 20 years just to find healing, but he says that faith and god literally brought him and his entire family through it all. enabled him to become the successful singer and pastor today. it is, he adds, why he has so much compassion as others. >> church we've seen one dimensional, the spiritual side, but people come into church and they're still poor,
10:26 am
come into church and dying with all kinds of sickness. coming to church with social problems and mental problems, trying to deal with the whole man, the body, the emotion, the soul and the spirit. ♪ ♪ we wall down, but we get up ♪ >> and donny believes that everyone who falls down can get back up again. it's the essence of his faith. it is what helped him accomplish his dream. and beyond that dream, he hopes he can spend his entire life helping others believe and achieve against all odds. >> i'm not even looking for quote, unquote, the american dream. i'm just looking to make sure by the time i die, i can die empty and say i've given out everything i've had, from money to time to care, that i exhaust it.
10:27 am
♪ ♪ we fall down ♪ >> he's living his life beyond a dream and molly, exhausting it all, giving it all. >> molly: and what an amazing amount of energy he has. like you said, absolutely incredible. what a spirit. a shocking new study now, the shedding light on a danger from drinking that many people may not be aware of. the doctor is in with surprising results. >> kelly: and iran's supreme leaders again denying his country is working on a nuclear bomb, but it's what he said next that's giving the u.s. and our allies, new cause for concern. ambassador john bolton weighs in next.: my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat?
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>> well, it is the bottom of the hour, time now for the top of the news. a massive cleanup operation is underway in russia after an exploding meteor blew out windows in more than 4,000
10:32 am
buildings yesterday. approximately 1200 people were injured. >> molly: texas police have shot and killed a florida inmate came into custody last week after he allegedly stabbed a detective with his eyeglasses. alberto morales is taken from tex texas. >> kelly: and g.o.p. lawmaker will visit jordan and israel, marco rubio. >> new details on the former l.a. cop whose deadly shooting rampage prompted a massive manhunt of the investigators revealing more about the last showdown with christopher dorner he had with police there. the ex-cop was on the run more than a week and ended in a shootout in a cabin at big bear. and adam, what is the latest. >> reporter: the sheriff revealed that every single one
10:33 am
of his victims was ambushed. and the last two officers shot in the shootout on tuesday had no idea where he was. he'd abandoned that truck he carjacked and he had basically gone into a cabin. as they got out of their cars, he shot him. and we were able to see some of the weaponry, and a rifle a cheek guard that said vengeance and all of this as the cabin continues to sit there and just be a pile of rubble and we're told they believe that dorner shot himself in the basement as that cabin burned on tuesday, there are questions whether or not he may have been injured, that he may have been shot by one of the officers, there were reports that blood was found by the doorway, that was not yet released yesterday. when you talk to the family who owns the cabin, they weren't there at the time and watched it come out on television and they say their thoughts no matter what they lost, are still with the families of the innocent people killed by dorner. >> i don't really look at that, whatever, i look at
10:34 am
that, that officer and all the other, you know, people, innocent people that this guy murdered, i'm, you know, i can't stress that enough. this is a cabin. we can rebuild. someone lost a husband, someone lost a father, and someone lost a daughter. and a future son-in-law. and so, you know, we-- our loss is far less compared to what others have lost in this. >> reporter: there will be of course a police officer funeral in san bernardino for the sheriff's deputy shot last tuesday and those details have not been released to the media. yesterday when we were at the cabin burned out. up the street they found a weapon they believe was dorner, a pistol with a silencer on it and a mag light. and this whole thing was going down on tuesday, a lot of parts of the investigation that still need to be completed, but for the most part they believe that dorner shot himself in the basement of that cabin as it it began to burn on tuesday and four
10:35 am
other people were killed by dorner, all four were ambushed. >> molly: adam housley covered every step of this. thank you so much. >> well,ed world is reacting to a mixed message from iran's supreme leader ayatollah khomeini warning no world power can stop his countries from having access to an atomic bomb if scientists there build one, but goes on to repeat iran's claims that they do not want nuclear welcomes. how do the allies need to respond to this. the former ambassador, and fox news contributor, john bolton to get his perspective, based on his experiences with this country and so many more in the middle east. ambassador, good of you to join us. so, here is more of what the ayatollah had to say. he said, quote, we believe that nuclear weapons must be abolished and we have no intention of building such weaponry and goes on to remark
10:36 am
on this website post that said if iran had the intentions to build nuclear weapons, the u.s. in no way could stop the iranian nation. now, what's your sense of that statement? it's like a threat and at the he same time saying we're going to back away from it? >> well, i think it's very, it's interesting. as you pointed out. much of what he said is simply de repeating what they've said before. get rid of israel's nuclear weapons and the rest of it. but to say that if we wanted to, we could do it is as close as at least the ayatollah khomeini is come to admitting that's exactly what they are doing. i don't think there's any serious outside observer who does not believe iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. and i think this is perhaps an inadvertent glimpse into what their thinking really is, that's exactly what they're up to. >> kelly: of course ayatollah is the supreme leader of the
10:37 am
islamic revolution in iran and developing peaceful sources for medicine and electricity. we've heard this before, ambassador. what new nugget of truth will we glean from this? >> well, i think it's a signal of iranian determination despite the economic sanction that is we've seen and that have had an impact, particularly on the middle class in iran. ironically, of course, iran's middle class element of society most hostile to the rule of the ayatollah, so, unfortunately, the sanctions have had the effect of diminishing that opposition or i impairing the opposition, i think they signal they intend to continue and in fact, doing throughout and expanding and modernizing, enhancing their uranium enrichment program and other aspects of it, continuing to stiff the international atomic energy
10:38 am
agency, the u.n. inspectors and a variety of things showing their determination continues. >> i'm glad that you brought that up. and they're the inventors of chess and they like playing chess with the world and one claims that iran wants to enter into serious negotiations with the united states, but then says the u.s. and other western nations should drop its economic sanctions and in fact, it was hassan rah hani went on to say when the west is increasing pressure at the same time is talking about negotiations, then negotiations mean for them surrender, there is no need for such actions, is that a sign that perhaps economic sanctions could be working or are they still playing games trying to get us to back away from them and allow them to do or to pursue their nuclear efforts. >> i think the economic sanctions are having an effect on the economy. that's indisputable.
10:39 am
the real question whether they're having an impact on the nuclear program. and look at north korea, most heavily sanctioned and yet it exploded its third device. and what iran is trying to do get their price of the table up to a satisfactory to them. and i think they sense weakness on the part of the western europeans and to the obama administration, and get them to give away something just to sit down at the table, obviously, great bargaining. >> kelly: and what you just said is disconcerting to me as other americans. shows they're looking at us with a level of disrespect, rather than respecting our wishes and going ahead and meeting our demands to dissis-- or cease, rather, the nuclear welcomes. what more can we do on our end, as well as have our western allies to step up to get this stalemate resolved?
10:40 am
>> let's look at exactly who they're not respecting, the entire u.n. security council for the past six years have been saying, stop all uranium enrichment activities and i'm afraid that they're simply finding ways to evade the sanctions to minimize their effective plan against the sanctions for a long time. and very close to crossing that nuclear weapons threshold. they're not in a rush because they don't fear that the united states at least would do anything preemptively to stop them. i think we're down to unattractive alternatives and the most likely that iran does get military weapons. >> and thank you very much, ambassador john bolton. >> thank you. >> molly: a car chase comes to a dramatic end in the blink of an eye. the lightning fast crash leaving one person dead and another injured. and the police dash cam video
10:41 am
you'll have to see to believe. >> and facebook, did you hear about this? cashing in after going public last year, the world's largest social network set to receive a multi-million dollar tax return. don't you wish you could have that despite paying nothing for state and federal taxes? why some say this raises questions about our tax system. to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility. more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists.
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>> a high speed chase in iowa comes to a deadly end. one police officer escaped moments before the dramatic crash and dashboard records the officer out of the side door and seconds later slams into the squad car and police reported the driver reached the scene of 140 miles per hour during the chase and died in the crash and there was also a five-year-old child in the car who was injured and police say they did not know about the child until they
10:46 am
heard him crying after the crash. crash. >> well, let's talk facebook. 900 million users and a 400 million dollar tax refund. according to the citizens for tax justice facebook reported 1.1 billion dollars in pretax profits for 2012 and it likely will pay zero in federal and state taxes. how is that possible, but received a tax refund of about 429 million dollars, how is that possible and what does it say about the american tax system. joining us now is jonathan hoenig, capitalist pig hedge fund and always great to see you. >> hi, kelly. >> kelly: facebook making a billion dollars last year and instead of paying taxes on that, a refund of 429 million dollars as we understand it's
10:47 am
deducting executive stock ongiv before it went public. >> right. >> kelly: what does it say 0 other corporations and taxpayers out there about our tax system? >> well, they're following the rules, kelly. everything at facebook is doing is perfectly legal. it's on the books, and i wouldn't blame them or any other successful corporation for wanting to minimize the tax exposure. if you falsely come to a point, and paying a large amount of taxes talk about being patriotic. when a company like facebook makes a billion dollars that benefits the economy, it doesn't cost the economy. and not only for their company and shareholders, but the economy at large. >> kelly: it benefits the economy. and how does it benefit particularly those who go to work at an average job and paying our taxes? >> well, and using facebook, that's the point. kelly. facebook creates a tremendous amount of value and tremendous
10:48 am
amount of wealth. we'll give you, it's terrible. the tax code is so complex that you need a team of new york or menlow park account ants to skillfully navigate is and you could easily make the argument that tax code across the board needs to be simplified so you don't need to have at that type of expertise to navigate it. but the fact that facebook is productive. that's the issue here, it's the tax code that people should be upset about. not the fact that facebook wants to keep off-- >> you need to raise this point. president obama during his state of the union address, the president said we could save hundreds of millions of dollars getting rid of tax loopholes and deductions. is that what facebook is using in this case? >> they're use willing perfectly legal on the books techniques, but i tell you, in my opinion, kelly, from a financial perspective we could get rid of, save a lot of money by stopping spending not taxing companies or individuals more. keep in mind, the more money that facebook keeps for
10:49 am
itself, the more new facebook innovations and new millionaires and break throughs we're going to have in the economy so we shouldn't fault investors, companies or individuals for wanting to keep more of their own money and produce with it, that benefits themselves and benefits the economy. >> kelly: your take on this, it's a smart move that facebook made and other companies should perhaps follow suit, if they can? >> absolutely. companies should seek, kelly, to maximize their profit, maximize their benefits, and that not only does it increase their bottom line, but it's better for the economy at large and i think you think about not what facebook doesn't pay taxes, but what it produces for themselves and 900 million users and-- >> i know you're investing and coming up with ingenious ways to come up with money and molly and i have a capital idea for you, give us a call and we'll talk about it. >> will do, will do.
10:50 am
>> kelly: thank you. >> molly: a new study linking alcohol and cancer and the risk factors both men and women should know about. hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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>> a dramatic new report
10:54 am
linking alcohol to cancer. the study finding alcohol use accounted for roughly 3.5% of all cancer deaths in the u.s. in 2009. roughly 20,000 americans lost their life to cancer that year as a result to drinking. in men, cancers of the upper airway and the esophagus were the most fatal and among women, breast cancer was the top cause of death. let's bring in dr. david soma somati, chief of robotic science in sinai hospital. what's intriguing about this study. it's a large study. what's the impact of a study this large. >> this is very, very serious and we haven't had a study like this for 30 years, when you think about cancer the first thing that comes to mind is smoking and we've talked about it for years how smoking can cause lung cancer and et cetera, but you never hear about alcohol and cancer so i
10:55 am
think that's why this is significant. when it comes to alcohol you talk about liver disease, you talk about pancreatic disease, et cetera, so, i think the great study of 200,000 people coming from boston university with the national cancer institute and they're finding out in men, alcohol can cause esophageal and stomach cancer and increases the risk of breast cancer in women and very significant to almost increase the risk by 4%, which is tremendous. now, if they also find out that by consuming alcohol you're actually losing about 18 years of your life. so, if someone has died directly as a result of alcohol at age 60, they could have lived up to 78. this is very significant. we're talking about almost one and a half drinks a day, not talking social drinks with your friends, one or two drinks, people on it every day, about one and a half glasses of wine or other drinks a day, that's significant. >> molly: there are so many
10:56 am
different types of cancer that were involved in this study as well. how is it that alcohol actually causes the cancer? >> it's an excellent question. there are many hypothesis about this. they think that probably alcohol would act like a solvent. so if you're smoking and you're drinking all the cancer cells, carcinogens from smoking gets absurd, and alcohol would act as a meet yeaeder mediator that's one theory. one is that it breaks down your dna and alcohol can make it worse. free radicals and the other aspect two weeks ago you said that alcohol would be beneficial for heart disease, coronary artery and now you're saying the opposite. and we know in red wine there's something called reps
10:57 am
pechlt. -- and drinking in moderation. >> 100% the key point, but i think it's very significant because the first time that we're talking about alcohol and cancer. and so, if you have not started drinking, don't start. if you're drinking a lot. try to reduce the amount of alcohol consumption. binge drinking is a disaster and what they're finding out increases your risk tremendously. >> kelly: he we want to thank you for that. one could arguably say that carcinogens are found in everything now and something that gives us pause and concern, obviously. >> so, that's why, again, everything adds up and it's accumulate latiff effect. as you said, smoking, alcohol, your behavior, environmental factors all that have consumes and be careful. this is something under our control and you can reduce it. >> kelly: okay. >> molly: doctor, thank you so much for all of this all the stories that dr. somati is covering him. watch him and dr. marc siegel
10:58 am
every sunday. >> kelly: thank you, helps immensely. >> molly: find him house calls. >> cheers. >> molly: that does it for us, i'll molly line. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright. the journal editorial report is coming up next. meantime, have a great day. my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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